Shelter Cat Sunday

With all the craziness of Easter last weekend (and my life in general right now!) I wasn't able to do my usual SCS post! So today, you're meeting TWO kitties who need a home! Preferably together. Meet Zee and Chloe, a male and female twosome who love each other dearly. These babies are in care with CatRescue and are located in Zetland, Sydney.  



ZEE'S PERSONALITY Zee is a "Lover" and he is not afraid to show it. He likes nothing better than to snuggle on your shoulder, cover you with kisses all over and fall asleep with his nose pressed against your cheek. Whereever you are sitting, Zee will climb all the way up for his kisses and nap. Zee needs his love "fix" about 3 to 4 times a day so be prepared for his loving sessions. He has a very gentle personality.

CHLOE'S PERSONALITY Chloe is just a dream ! Wonderful personality, comfortable in her own paws, smart, vivacious and cuddly - the purrrfect cat! She will make the best pet. Chloe adores Zee and both love having a little play.


If you're in Sydney and have been looking for the perfect couple to adopt well I think I've found them for you! For more gorgeous photos and info, click here to see their online profile. Alternatively, you can contact CatRescue Coordinator, Jenny on 0408 435 514 or jennystoraker (at) for more information.