Shelter Cat Sunday

Here at CTM, we like to reach out to all corners of the world. Today's SCS post comes to you all the way from Japan! Japan Cat Network do an amazing job organising TNR, rescue and rehoming programs in the evacuated area of Fukushima.  

Meet Bella, a lovely girl who was left behind when the disastrous earthquake hit in 2011.




"She doesn't do well with other cats. They make her scared and nervous, and she responds to this by being extremely aggressive and trying to scare them away before they come after her. She is pretty unhappy at the shelter. For her sake, and for the sake of other cats, getting her into a single-cat home is pretty high on the priority list. Bella is nine years old. She loves people. Absolutely wants to be petted and adored. She runs up to people and rubs against their legs and is constantly seeking attention but is unable to enjoy it. If she could find a home where she was the only cat she'd be fine."


Poor Bella. If you can help her, or know anyone in Japan that can, please share. You can contact Japan Cat Network by clicking here.