Shelter Cat Sunday

My foster babies wen't back to Cat Protection Society on Friday and I miss them dearly. Click here to view their SCS post if you're interested in adopting them. Today's SCS featured cat is also at CPS, one of our beneficiaries, and has been there for a year. A year is too long! So please say hello to Jewel and lets spread the word to help her find her forever home!  



"Because Jewel came to us via a pound facility, her age was estimated to be 12 months.  On the 19th July Jewel will have been with us for 12 months, so we’re making Friday JEWEL’S (UNOFFICIAL) 2ND BRITHDAY! Jewel is a playful, affectionate lady who has her cantankerous moments – but aren’t the most interesting cats always a little bit cheeky? Make Jewel’s Birthday an extra special day: add some sparkle to your life and give Jewel a forever home or share this post with someone who can." - from the CPS FB page.


If you think you can open up your home and heart to Jewel, please click here to see her online profile, or get in contact with CPS, located in Sydney's Newtown.