Shelter Cat Sunday

For today's Shelter Cat Sunday I'm doing something a little different. Now that we're in June I can officially say "only 2 months til I'm in Africa!", which is just too exciting to put into words. So in light of that I've decided to share a shelter cat in Namibia, one of the African countries I'm so excited about visiting.

This is little Logan who is currently in care with the Cat Protection Society of Namibia.

"Hi, I am Logan and brother to Picasso. I am 6 weeks old. I need to stay with my mommy for another 2 weeks before I can go to my new home, but you can book me in the meantime. Please call my foster mom Inger on 081 127 9501. Would be great if I can be adopted together with my brother!" 

Please also visit the CPSN Facebook page for more info and to check out Logan's brother as well.