Shelter Cat Sunday

I was contacted during the week by Jen, a lovely lady in Phoenix, Arizona, who asked if I ever advertised cats looking for homes on my FB page. I said yes and that I also do a Shelter Cat Sunday post for cats in need. Mostly I concentrate on kitties in Australia, but I know I also have a lot of American readers and I always like to help out when I can.

Meet Scruffy/Lasagna! A poor lonely 3-4 year old kitty who has been waiting for his owners to turn back up at his home for over a year :(

Jen has told me she is willing to transport him to a location even a few hours away, or even fly him interstate, if it's to a good home. This is what she had to say about him: 
 This is Scruffy/Lasagna, depending on which neighbor you ask. He was thrown out after his owners lost their home. He is declawed and really needs an inside home. He gets along with dogs & cats, a neighbor tried to take him in but her cat wouldn't have it. I will update his shots, have all tests, & include a couple of large bags of food. I will bring him to you & don't mind driving a way for a good home. Scruffy still sits in "his" driveway waiting for his people to come home...even after a year! (I just recently moved here) Will you be Scruffy's new home???? Please? Email: