Shelter Cat Sunday - Extra Special Christmas Edition

So this SCS post makes me very sad, because its a kitty that's been in care since Feb of this year and its a kitty that I've already featured twice. Its my foster kitty, Winki. I fostered her when she was a baby after she had just had her eye removed. She recovered so well and flourished in my home with my two cats, and she experienced joy, love and playtime for the first time in her little life. Sure, she was feisty, but she was also very loving. I cannot believe she hasn't been adopted yet! She's in care with Cat Protection Society in Sydney's Newtown and I'm featuring her again in the hope she'll find her forever home before the new year. So please, PLEASE, share far and wide.  


Winki when I was fostering her


If you thought Taz from Looney Tunes would be a fun play pal to have around the house, you have to meet Winki! She will be turning 1 at the end of this month and we’d really like to see Winki find her people before then.  Want to know more about Winki?  Her exuberant nature makes her better suited to a home without younger children and she likes to give head bumps – when she’s feeling affectionate that is!  Winki prefers the company of people but may enjoy having a feline friend if they don’t mind a lot of activity around them. She had great fun with Tetris before he found a forever home and we have it on good authority that Winki was a delight in her foster home and enjoyed playing with her two feline friends she temporarily shared a home with.  Due to her impaired vision Winki will need to be a strictly indoor cat (to keep her safe from harm) so her forever home will need LOTS of toys and her forever people will need lots of energy.  Do you know someone purrrfect for cheeky little Winki?



Winki now. She's literally grown up at CPS.

If you think you can give this very deserving cat a home before the New Year, or better yet before Christmas, please click here to see her online profile, or click here to get in contact with CPS, Sydney's only no kill shelter. And if you can't give her a home, please help me spread the word about Winki. Good luck my sweet girl, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you!