Shelter Cat Sunday - Special Needs Edition

Meet Missy! A special needs kitty looking for a forever home with CatRescue in Sydney.  



Missy is the sweetest little cat who deserves an owner who will show her the loyalty she deserves! Loyal, playful and affectionate, Missy loves to lay around and soak up the sun. Missy's luck changed when her previous owner moved and couldn't take her, but in fact it was just as well as her new carer could see Missy had a problem with her eye and ensured she went to a vet. It turned out it was a cancer on her eyelid. Then bad luck really set in because unfortunately there was a complication during the surgery and the remaining eye only has about 5% sight. Missy can not see very well at a close distance but is a little better at far distances. Missy will get to know your voice and respond when you talk to her rather than rely on seeing you. This will take some time in a new house so you will need to be patient. She takes time to get to know you but she is a gorgeous girl once she is settled.


If you'd like to meet Missy please call Jenny on 0408 435 514. Good luck to this sweet lady!