Shelter Cat Sunday + Winner of Nekomini Giveaway

There are a colony of cats located in NSW's Cessnock that are in desperate need of TNRing. Many kittens have been rescued, all very sick, by Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue and Cat Rescue Port Stephens, but at this stage they just don't have the funds or numbers to TNR. And once you see the state of the rescued kittens, you'll see how desperate the need for TNR is. Not just for this colony, but for all colonies. The little boy featured in today's SCS post is not up for adoption yet - he has a lot of recovery to get through and may lose an eye. A warning that some images in today's post may distress.  

The reality/devastation of feral cats... The little boy who was saved from the streets - pre-vet visit. Truly heartbreaking.


Post-vet visit. Looking better but a long way to go.


From the Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue Fabebook page after he had seen the vet:

"The good news is he is not dehydrated and is feeding well. He will more then likely loose one eye but hopefully the other will recover. He was diagnosed with the herpes virus. He is on liquid antibiotics, eye ointment and pain relief. He is too young to operate and weighs in at 250 gms."


If you are a local to Cessnock, or anywhere close and would be interested in helping TNR this big group, please email me at sarah (at) I would love to be able to organise a group on behalf of the wonderful rescue groups saving these kittens. Of course funds would need to be raised, but that's something I can work out later. If there is any interest at all, please get in touch.

In the mean time, if you'd like to donate to the recovery of this little guy, please email




Ok I'm sure we all need a little cheering up now, so lets move on to some happier news! Tomorrow we will be starting a new and exciting giveaway, so be sure to check in then, but without further ado, I'll announce the winner of the Hey Kitty Kitty Nekomini!


Thank you to all those who entered and congrats to comment number 59 - ALICE BUTLER, who is our winner. You will be getting an email from me shortly and you'll have your Nekomini soon!


See you all tomorrow for your next exciting chance to win!