Shelter Kitties

Hey all!

On Saturday I had my first experience volunteering at the Wyong Animal Care Facility. I started off walking 2 of the many dogs they have there, who were lovely walkers on the lead. I was also pleased to be working with 4 other volunteers, 2 of whom also paid a visit to the cattery.

I of course spent most of my time at the cattery, especially after finding all the dogs had been walked, and most twice. To be honest, the cattery was a little depressing... Only 1 four month old kitten, the rest were all adult cats. Some had been there for quite a while, others were waiting, hopfully, for their owners to find them (not sure if they're microchipped or not?). Most of them were up for adoption, while the hopful waiters will be available, if unclaimed, in a month or so... Hopfully they won't be there when I go back this Saturday.

Every cat there was LOVELY! They were all so affectionate and eager for a cuddle. Even the ones who were hiding at the back of their cages in the beginning. I wish I could've taken them all home!

Some of the ones I could snap a photo of...

Snoopy with the lovely Alissa in the background

Hayley who was shy at first, and is hoping her owner will find her

Georgeous and very vocal Millie

As you can see they are in cages, which the staff at the facility admit is RSPCA approved, but not ideal. But I was given the great news that this financial year the whole cattery is being renovated. The building will be double the size, the cages will be gone and replaced with large cat runs instead. Can't wait for that! But as mentioned, I hope all the kitties there now won't be there to experience the renovations. I pray they'll all be in loving forever homes before then.

Will keep you posted!