Sydney Pet & Animal Expo

My boyfriend Dan and I had a great day at the Sydney Pet and Animal Expo yesterday - soooo many kitties, I was like a kid in a candy shop! Now I must point out that my fav breed of cat is of course the rescue breed, but that's not to say I don't enjoy seeing all the kitties on display. Do I agree with them being judged and cooped up in a small cage all weekend? No. And I can safely say I've never actually been to a cat show. But I can appreciate people's passion for it, and every owner and judge there seemed to genuinely love the cats.

The expo itself was also very educational, promoting responsible pet ownership, and our very own Bondi Vet - Dr Chris Brown (not to be mistaken with the heavy handed R&B; singing Chris Brown) gave a talk on responsible pet ownership too, which was great.

All in all a great day yesterday, and our unpredictable Sydney weather of late put on a great show too. Ok now for the best part - the photos!!!

Dr Chris Brown (we were in the back row)

Beautiful Maine Coon

Equally as beautiful Maine Coon (reminds me of Bosco - I'm sure he has Maine Coon in him, he's just as huge and fluffy!)

Egyptian Mau

One of the many Burmese kitties


Sphynx #2

Pretty Oriental

The Burmese kitten Dan fell in love with

Oriental kittens

The ever adorable polydactyl Pixiebob kittens

Me and one of the Pixiebobs

LOVED this tiny red Burmese!

Red Burmese kitten - squueeee!

Egyptian Mau

Munchkin kitten

More Burmese babies (they're the most popular breed in Australia after Domestics)

YAY rescue kitties at the Cat Protection Society stand

Another Cat Protection Society kitten. So sweet!

It really was a great day, I'm still on a kitty high, and as you can see from the last two pics there were rescue kitties there too, promoting the need for an increase in adoptions from shelters! Yay!