The Domestic Cats of Namibia

For those of you that missed my contribution to Catsparella's Round The World in 80 Cats, click here to check out my post on Namibia. I have decided to elaborate on that post, because when I look through my photos I realise I have A LOT of photos of the domestic cats that also call their home Harnas Wildlife Foundation, so figured they needed a blog post of their own. And for those who missed out on hearing about my amazing time as a voluntourist at a wildlife sanctuary in Africa, click here to get caught up!  

One of the very smart cats who lived in the lapa (restaurant)


The majority of the 20+ cats that live on Harnas are black and white. There are also a few tabbies, and one black and one white cat








Croc Cat AKA 'Suicide Cat' - this kitty loved to sleep with the crocs (check them out in the background)!


Me in heaven!


Mmmm donkey blood... (there was donkey meat in here for the cheetahs)





Abu the baby baboon and one of his MANY buddies


OUR cat, Spot. We love him SO much!




This cat happily shares his food with the baby Springbok



The cats who never missed a mongoose feeding!


Almost every night I had a kitty on my lap during dinner (or dessert in this instance)



The African Wildcat who lived under the roof of our lodge



Spot (or 'Plek' in Afrikaans), sound asleep on our bed. Miss you with all my heart Spotty!

Today is World Animal Day, why don't you celebrate it by contributing towards a great cause? Harnas Wildlife Foundation always greatfuly accepts donations, or you could even adopt an animal, including one of the domestic cats featured in this post! Or, why not add a little adventure to your life and go and volunteer there like I did? You won't regret it!