The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Fundraiser

Here at Cat Tee Mission, there's nothing we love more than spreading the word about other amazing groups doing good things for cats. We've loved the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee ever since The Purr Diaries stepped into the blogosphere, not only for their ADORABLE kitten pics, but also for their commitment to animal welfare.

Adorable much?!

Laurie Cinotto, her husband Craig Miller and their resident six year old cat Charlene Butterbean, started the IBKC in 2007 and have fostered over 150 kittens to date! Since 2009 they have held an annual fundraiser, where their current batch of foster kittens team up to man the phones for your pledges. Well, not literally of course. But Laurie uses her amazing crafting skills to build cute kitty sized sets with phones and all. Each year the sets have grown bigger, better and if its possible, even more adorable!





Since the fundraiser started in 2009, the IBKC has made an amazing amount of cash for for Dog-A-Thon, the Tacoma & Pierce County Humane Society's annual walk for homeless pets, which takes place on the 21st July. That means you have 10 days left to contribute! At the time of this post they're inching up to an amazing $50,000! Can you help? Click here to visit their fundarising page.


*All photos and info via the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee



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