The Purrfect Duster

Any cat owner will know how individual each and every one of them are. Some are lap cats, some aren't (I have one of each). Some moew a lot, some don't. Some are playful, some are more chilled out. And the differences go on. Each and everyone of them builds a unique personality from the day they're born and Ollie is developing new little traits every day. Last weekend he had us all in laughing fits when he started doing something I've never seen a cat do before. When I opened the curtains in the morning and the sun came beaming in, he became fascinated with the dust particles floating in the air. I managed to film it... It's hilarious!

Bosco also has little nuances that make him special. One thing he can't help but do is run towards the bed and leap onto it every time he hears me make the bed. He find it especially fun when I'm changing the sheets altogether! He always makes it hard for me to make the bed and he loves it when I pull the sheets over him and pretend I don't know where he is, he gets so much pleasure out of waiting for the perfect moment to jump and out scare me. So sweet...