Third Annual Architects for Animals

A very special exhibition to benefit the street cats of New York City is being held this coming Thursday, 10th January - the third Annual Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter Exhibit.  


Architects for Animals: Giving Shelter is a fundraising initiative founded by Leslie Farrell. Giving Shelter is a one-night event that benefits the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and its NYC Feral Cat Initiative project. Some of NY's most renowned architects come together to build and donate outdoor winter shelters to provide NYC’s homeless cats with refuge from winter's freezing temperatures. What an amazing idea!



Its is estimated that tens of thousands of homeless cats roam the streets of NYC and I couldn't imagine how they survive in the freezing cold and snow! I often get worried about the similar number of free roaming cats we have here in Australia's cities, although it doesn't snow or get nearly as cold as in places like New York. Many of these free roaming cats are cared for by members of the community who volunteer their time to feed them daily, monitor their health, and go to great lengths to have them spayed or neutered through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). TNR has proved to be the only truly humane and effective way to manage feral cat colonies and reduce their numbers over time - I would love to see more TNR programs introduced here in Australia.



If you can make it to the exhibit in NYC on Thursday, I'd highly recommend it (I wish I could go!). I love it when artists come together to help animals - that is exactly what Cat Tee Mission is about!



Check out some more of the shelters from previous events...