Tis the Season!

I absolutely love this time of year! Of course it helps that in the line of work I'm in, I get 6 weeks off over Christmas and all of Janurary, but Christmas in general has always been a joyous time for me, filled with love, family, and friends. And of course when I say family, I'm including my furry family. On the weekend we put up the tree and decorated our home, with the help of Ollie (Bosco slept through the whole thing!), and many of those decorations include cats. Do you include cats in your Christmas adornment too?  

My kitty tree ornaments. The two at the top are by Russ, the stocking kitty is by Ryan Conners and the two round ones are by Tashera Jean 

I had this commissioned by Jill West last year. Its painted on the top of an old fence pailing, and that's Bosco and Ollie out the front of the Christmas house! 

My cats have their own stocking. Also hand made by Jill West 

I love my santa Makei Neko, handmade from Hey Kitty Kitty 

Not a huge fan of tinsel, but the bf insists on it, and Ollie does look just adorable in it doesn't he?! 


I would love to hear about/see your kitty Christmas decorations! Feel free to post some pics on our FB wall. Happy holidays!