Top 13 Cats of 2011

I've compiled a list of 13 internet cats (yes 13 - odd, but it's my favourite number) who I think were the most interesting of 2011. Some you would've heard of well before 2011, others were newbies this year. Obviously there are way more than 13, and I'm probably missing many of people's faves, but feel free to leave a comment if you think I left any out.

Everyone loves Maru

Cooper: Photographer Cat

Mama cat who hugs her baby

Cat who plays with dolphins

Cat versus two green things

Homer the blind wonder cat

Petie of I HAVE CAT (his siblings and foster siblings are just as wonderful!)
Thriller cat


Ralph Cox from Under The Paw (again, his siblings are all just as fabulous!)
Wrestling kittens

Oskar the blind kitten

Jack the Cat who was lost in AA Baggage at JFK - RIP

As I've said there are many more. I know most of the cats from the books I've listed are from before 2011 but I only read these books this year, and therefore the cats only just touched my heart this year.

My list consists of internet cats who made me laugh and cry and who are just downright GORGEOUS!!!

Hope you all had an amazing year!