If you haven't yet viseted the online store Two Cat Ladies, then you're missing out! Today I'm so excited to share with you an interview with the Two (very lovely) Cat Ladies - Sydney girls Jacqui and Anna, which includes my very first giveaway! The girls were kind enough to offer my readers one of their fabulous necklaces! Keep reading for more details on how to enter.

Jacqui and Anna at Glebe Markets

How was 'Two Cat Ladies' born?

Jacqui: We had been talking for some time about doing an online business together – then the idea actually came one day when I was on the bus. I saw so many dog businesses all within a few blocks of each other – The Muttropolitan, Dogue, The Bark Hyatt… and I started to think, why do dogs get all the attention?? There are just as many cat lovers and nothing for us! I got really excited and called Anna as soon as I got home – we had so many ideas right from the start and pretty much started setting it up straight away.

Anna: We wanted to create something fun in our lives away from our 9-5 world. In the end we came up with something that mixed two of our passions – cats and pretty things :) We would often buy each other little catty gifts but there is so much ugly cat stuff out there! We wanted to create something much more fun and stylish for girls like us. We are just online for now but hope one day to grow and possibly have our own little shopfront.

Love these earrings - designed by the girls

Why did you decide to go into business together?

Jacqui: We do most things together anyway so starting a business didn’t seem that strange! I guess some people might think it’s a bad idea going into business with your best friend but we kind of just knew it would be ok. We obviously both love our cats and talked about them all the time anyway. Starting a cat business just made sense. We also have very complementary skills – Anna is the finance guru and I have a background in media and PR so between us we’ve managed to figure it all out! We always just remind each other to keep it fun and try not to get too stressed.

Where do you source your amazing products from?

Anna: All over – the US, UK, Japan… But the jewellery and tea towels are our own designs. The jewellery is a collaboration between us and our friend Linda Tahija, who is an amazing up-and-coming jewellery designer. The tea towels are also locally designed – we get them screen-printed in Newtown.

Jacqui: We want to create more of our own products in the long run but for now we will keep doing a mix of our own stuff and other interesting products we come across. We try to focus on things that we haven’t seen here or that aren’t widely available. As long as they are pretty or make us giggle, they will make the cut!

Kitschy Kats - now available in Australia thanks to the girls!

Wallet by UK designer Ruth Pinnock

Have you both always been cat ladies?

Jacqui: Yes! We both grew up with cats – my first cat was a little three-legged moggy called Mischka. She wasn’t the most affectionate cat in the world but she was a big part of my childhood. Our next cat Shaybie followed my mum home from the train station one day and no one claimed her so we kept her.

Anna: We always had boy cats – Kevin was my favourite. Now I’ve got a girl cat and she is such a princess :)

How many cats do you currently have and can you tell us a little about them?

Jacqui: I have one cat, Hippy – I love him so much! We got him from the shelter when he was three. I saw him in the paper – he was advertised as Pet of the Week. I couldn’t stop looking at his photo and I loved the little description they put with it. When we went to the shelter, he climbed into my lap and just stayed there. He was so affectionate and relaxed, we decided to take him then and there. He is honestly the best cat I have ever had – he just seemed so grateful to have a home and he was so well trained and well behaved. He just has a little weight problem – well, more of a hanging tummy problem! He was quite overweight when we got him and he still puts on weight very easily. He’s looking quite svelte at the moment but even at his slimmest, that tummy still just hangs!

Anna: Our cat is Saki aka "The Princess" – attitude galore, rules the house, loves being brushed and staring out the window all day long... She is still unsure if she is a lover or a fighter. Everyone says she has a grumpy face but she also has a look that could soften even the hardest of neighbourhood tomcats.

The very handsome Hippy

Beautiful Saki as a kitten

What do you love most about cats?

Anna: Their personality – every one of them is so different.

Jacqui: I just think they are the most beautiful, ridiculous creatures! I could stare at my cat all day and just giggle at him.

Do you ever get criticised for being a cat lady?

Anna: I’m not sure criticised is the word... Most of our friends just think we are crazy cat ladies :)

Jacqui: Yes, I think when we first started the business they were thinking we were a bit mad. But a lot of our friends are also cat lovers so actually they are very supportive. We also get such a positive reaction when we do our market stalls. All the cat lovers come up to us – they love our stuff and they’re so excited to show us their cat photos and tell us all about their cats!

Cute teatowel, designed by the girls

Are there any cat charities that are close to your heart?

Jacqui: We are proud supporters of the Cat Protection Society of NSW. It was really important to us to support a charity through our business and we liked that they focus just on cats (not that we have anything against dogs!!). We’ve got to know Kristina and the team quite well over the past year or so and they really do such a great job of caring for cats in need and advocating for responsible cat ownership. They are also a no-kill shelter, which makes us even happier that we chose them.

This beautiful necklace could be yours!

While all the products featured here are available in the Two Cat Ladies online store, the girls also frequent Glebe and Kirribilli markets. You can find them at Kirribilli markets on 3rd and 17th December from 8am til 3pm. You can also win the necklace pictured above with two easy steps today:

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