Ultimate Cat Experience

In August 2012 myself and my cat man Dan are embarking on the trip of a lifetime! We will make our first trip to Africa together on a volunteer adventure. We'll be volunteering with sick, injured, orphaned and abandoned wildlife, many of whom are CATS!

Stunning Harnas Cheetah mother and cub

We'll be spening 2 weeks in Namibia at Harnas Wildlife Foundation, which is situated within a 10,000 hectare area and has been run by the same family for the last 30 years. During this time it has cared for and rehabilitated many thousands of orphaned, injured, neglected, abused or abandoned wild animals including lion, leopard, cheetah and many more.

Beautiful Namibia

This has been a long life dream for me (and I'm so lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who is willing to come with me!). Having been a cat lover all my life, the obsession not surprisingly spread to big cats too, so this will be the ultimate cat experience for me! We will be able to touch and get in close contact with most of the animals including cheetah and even some lions if we're lucky! It's still just under a year away but I really cannot wait!

His Royal Highness

There are wildlife sanctuaries like Harnas all over Africa, which have unfortunately become a neccessity in order to save these animals from extinction. Due to poaching, canned hunting and destruction of habitat, many animals loose their lives and their young are often left to fend for themselves. It's a heartbreaking fact of life that our species is ruining our very own planet. Thank God for places like Harnas and for people who care!

What I was also happy to learn was that the sanctuary is also home to several domestic cats, and we are more than welcome to let them stay in our rooms at night (yay!) so while I will miss my 2 fur babies dearly while I'm away, at least I'll still be able to have a purring moggie at my feet while I sleep. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

One of the resident Harnas cats

Harnas greatly receives donations, if you'd like to help out click here.