Update on Bosco

Many of my Facebook followers ask for updates on Bosco, who was diagnosed with a partial luxating patella a couple of months ago. He went from limping to throwing up blood within a few days of having X-Rays, thank to the anti-inflammatories he was prescribed from the vet, for his knee. It was a very distressing time. We forgot about the knee while he went on a new round of antibiotics to fix his sore stomach.  


My handsome Bosco

  Once he recovered from that, I started looking for a natural alternative to an anti-inflammatory and came across Technyflex. Technyflex is a marine extract that contains glycosaminoglycans, Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3+6, a bunch of minerals and other natural goodies too. I mixed it in with Bosco's wet food every night and waited for him to stop limping. After about 4 or 5 weeks that day came, it was as if all of a sudden it kicked in. I was elated. Bosco is 8 years old, officially a senior, but he's never had anything wrong with him so it wasn't a fun time. I'm so happy to report that his stomach is perfect again, his knee is brilliant and he is his normal, happy, cheeky self again.




I can't recommend natural alternatives enough! Of course, always go to your vet first though. You can buy Technyflex and a whole bunch of other natural pet products from The Complete Pet Company.