UPDATES for Cat Protection Society Fundraising Page!!!

I've recieved a few donations and pledges to donate on my Cat Protection Society Fundraising Page which I am SOOO happy about! Thank you so much!

Just wanted to let everyone know of an update with it - I've decided to give people more incentive to donate by doing 2 giveaways! The fundraising page will be active for 6 months so at the end of the first 3 months I'm going to draw all the donors out of a hat and they will win their choice of anything from my Etsy store (there will be even more cool art and apparel in there soon too!). At the end of the 6 months I'll do it again :o)

Original ink and collage artwork by me

My Etsy store has original artworks, prints, cards and will soon have some kitty apparel too! The store will be filled with cool kitty things by the time I do the first giveaway!

Thank you again to those who have donated, you are in the draw for the first giveaway, and thank you to those who plan to donate.