Volunteering at Cat Legacy House

For the past two weeks it has been school holidays. During my school holidays I donate some of my time to the kitties who live at the RSPCA's Cat Legacy House.

CLH is a purpose built house for cat's whose owners have died, and left sufficient funds in their will for their kitties to live out their lives in comfort, surrounded by supportive and loving staff and volunteers. Each cat gets its own large room with an outdoor landscaped garden consisting climbing frames. Some cats can be mixed and hang out together in larger areas (including the hallways and office), others prefer to be alone.

In general the cats are happy and love attention, hence the need for volunteers like myself, who are there purely to keep the cats company, sit with them, brush them and give them lots of cuddles.

I'm so happy to be a volunteer at Cat Legacy House, all of the cats are so lovely and its so nice just to be able to sit and give them some much needed attention! Thanks to the RSPCA, and to the person who left 2 million dollars in their will for the RSPCA to build CLH - the only one of its kind in the whole of Australia!