We now greatfully accept donations!

Up until now we always had the aim to give you something in return for your money. And that still is our main mission - buy a tee, save a cat! However, we understand that tee shirts and other merchandise featuring cats isn't everyone's idea of cool (although I don't know why?!) so, due to popular demand, we now have a donate option.  You can now donate securely via Paypal which lets you make payments using credit cards, debit cards and PayPal accounts.


  You can also donate on behalf of someone else, just email us after you’ve made your donation and we’ll send you a printable thank you certificate to issue to the person you’ve made the donation for. All your donations, just like the profits we make from our merchandise sales, goes directly to saving cats, big and small.



Photo taken by Astrid Behrendt


Thank you for your continued support!