Lately I've been thinking of changing the title and web address of this blog, I have never been happy with the current title and when I chose it I always thought it would be temporary... I realise it might be a silly thing to do now that I have regular readers and a FB page but I would really like to acknowledge Bosco, the cat who started it all, in the title of this blog.

It will be a few days (probably end of this week/early next week) before I make the change, so if you haven't already, please become a fan on Facebook by clicking here. I'll deal with the name change of that page later...

I will still keep active by providing you with a link to the new web address on it. At the moment I'm thinking it will be or

I'll be making regular announcements on the FB page and I'll do a final post at this web address before I make the final change.

Thanks for reading this blog, I really appreciate the people who stop by everyday.