Weekend Away

Today I got back from Melbourne, I spent the weekend there with my lovely mum for my birthday (which is tomorrow). Was so good to come home to my 2 kitties, they were greatly missed, as was my boyfriend of course. Luckily I was able to get a kitty fix while away though, after being told to go and visit Syber's Books on the famous Chapel Street. I was told that cats live there and I knew I had to go and visit.

Syber's Books is a second hand bookshop selling rare books and housing cats! Penny, the owner who was lovely, has had many cats live out their lives in her store over the years and the two that currently live there are rescues aged 18 months.

Meet Chaos the handsome ginger boy and Eris the stunning tortie girl!

I fell in love with Chaos! So sweet and beautiful. Love gingers!

Such a lovely lady! And happy to just sit by the open door and not go out onto the busy street...

I also bought a couple of books. I'm sure you wont need too many guesses to figure out what subject I was looking for!

Wonderful weekend away but always great to come home to the fur kids! A house is not a home without cats! And now I'm also of the belief that a bookshop is not a store without them either!

Some supervised outside time with my boys after I got home...