A friend of mine posted a photo of a hoodie on my FB wall the other day that was so me it was uncanny! The design read "I just want to drink wine, save animals and take naps". I shared it with you guys on the CTM wall and it seemed that slogan wasn't just suited to me! ;)I searched the net for it and found it in several different online shops. Unable to find the original designer I decided to change it a bit and make my own version. You can now get two versions of the WINE CATS AND NAPS design on tees, hoodies and tote bags in our Australian, US and EU shops, and as always, all proceeds go to the groups we support. BY THE WAY, I know not everyone enjoys wine, so I've decided to do something extra special for you guys. I'm willing to make custom designs for anyone who asks, and change the 'wine' to anything else you like. Just get in contact to ask me (please only ask if you're actually going to buy it though).




And in case you missed it, I'm hosting a tee giveaway via the N/a'an ku se Facebook page, click here for the details.