Words on Wednesday- Cute Kitty Jewellery

In place of my Wordless Wednesday post today I'm adding a few words. Still sharing a photo from Instagram though, absolutely loving that iPhone app for kitty pics!

Photo taken by Maria from @locketship. Instagram Id: @calico beef

I recently discovered the amazing jewellery of Locketship, via Catsparella. Maria, the designer and producer of this fabulous jewellery, loves cats and all things cute and girly! Be sure to stop by her website and check out all her catty products, I sure did! (see photo below - I got the Bad Cat ring and Bosco and I love it!). If you're on Instagram you can also follow Maria and her kitty (user names below above photo).

I think its obvious by now that I'm a sucker for cute kitty products! But with jewellery like this who woudn't be?!