World Animal Day and Updates

Every year on the 4th October we celebrate a very special day - World Animal Day.

The mission statement from their website outlines the goals for this great day:

  • To celebrate animal life in all its forms
  • To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom
  • To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives – from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives
  • To acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives

Most of us do the above mentioned things every day, but it's nice to remind all the other people out there, the people who don't love and appreciate their animals everyday, or the people who choose to live their lives without animals, that animals matter.

If you'd like to get involved in an event, click here to select your country and see what's happening in your area! You can also make a pledge here.

Another even coming up for us Sydney-siders is the Cruelty Free Festival, on 30th October. I volunteered at the Animals Australia stall last year and will definitely be there again this year. There are lots of great stalls, food, wine, relaxation workshops, entertainment and goodies for you to take home.

In regards to the important announcement about the website change, I have decided that I won't be changing the title or URL. I don't want to create any confusion for anyone by doing that so I'm just doing a revamp of the design, as you can see the header is already different and features a lovely photo of my fur baby Bosco.

As usual I love and appreciate any comments or feedback. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!