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We have worked closely with our Namibian partner, N/a’an ku se Wildlife Foundation, for several years and in this time we have provided lifesaving GPS tracking collars, as well as funds for monitoring and research for wild leopards and cheetahs. Leopards and other carnivores often come into conflict with farmers in Namibia when the wild spaces run out and carnivores take the easier meal option – livestock from a farm. Sometimes these carnivores are shot on site, other times they are humanely trapped and with the help of our team on the ground, are collared, released and monitored, in turn saving their lives.


You can support our leopard project in many ways - contribute to our fundraisers, purchase something from our shop, or you can purchase any of the below items directly for the project:

  • Donate any amount to this project - CLICK HERE

  • GPS tracking collar (includes download fees for 18 months) - AUD $3,900 - BUY NOW

  • Fuel to attend one leopard-conflict situation (average of 650km round journey) - AUD $430 - BUY NOW

  • Camera trap - AUD $150 - BUY NOW

  • Camera trap memory card - AUD $10 - BUY NOW

  • Range finder - AUD $270 - BUY NOW

  • Binoculars - AUD $50 - BUY NOW