Our aim is to protect lions from the ever increasing human-wildlife conflict issue. We work with a dedicated team in Kenya called Light for Life, who install LED (Lion Entry Deterrent) Systems on livestock bomas (enclosures) in remote villages. LED Systems consist of solar powered flashing lights which come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. These flashing lights work as a very successful deterrent system for lions and other predators looking for an easy meal, saving their lives from retaliatory killings and keeping villagers happy and more willing to share their land with lions.


You can support our lion project in many ways - contribute to our fundraisers, purchase something from our shop, donate, or you can purchase any of the below items directly for the project:

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  • Fully lit up Boma - AUD $445 - BUY NOW

  • Solar panels - AUD $40 - BUY NOW

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