Sarah tracking released cheetah on the front of a safari vehicle in Namibia in 2012

Sarah tracking released cheetah on the front of a safari vehicle in Namibia in 2012

African Cat Project is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to conserving Africa’s three great cats – lion, leopard and cheetah. We have partnered with passionate groups across Africa we help in the fight to keep the wild, wild (and safe). CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT OUR PROJECTS.


How we started:

Founder, Sarah Menzies, has loved and supported cats all her life. She founded African Cat Project (previously called The Feline Foundation) in 2011 as a way to do something more for cats in need, both big and small. African Cat Project has since evolved to focus solely on big cat conservation in Africa – something Sarah is extremely passionate about as lion, leopard and cheetah numbers continue to decline in the wild. Our projects focus on reducing human-wildlife conflict which is one of the biggest issues facing big cats in Africa.

Sarah is from Sydney and shares her home with her husband, her three cats, Bosco, Oliver and Duma, and her dog Dexter. Sarah travels to Africa, her spiritual home, as often as she can.

Project highlight:

Our first ever leopard collaring in Namibia...

Leopard N082 (later named 'Ollie' after one of Sarah's cats), had been trapped by a farmer who was trying to catch spotted hyena who he believed had been attacking his livestock. Thanks to the GPS collar funded by us, the farmer agreed to release the leopard, and he now receives regular updates to his whereabouts. Tracking collars are vital to the survival of Africa's big cats in highly human populated areas. To read more about our projects, click here