Africa is still in my heart...

I can't quite believe it, but its been a year since my trip to Africa. This time last year my boyfriend and I were in the heart of the Kalahari, volunteering at Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia, surrounded by amazing animals and people. In other words I was in heaven. For those of you new to the blog, you can read my previous posts about it here, here, here AND here, but I felt in necessary to do a one year anniversary post too.  


Myself and Dinga the orphaned cheetah cub. Read the amazing story of his rehabilitation into the wild here. Photo by Yoko


My time at Harnas is still so special to me, and even though I've written/am writing about it, I still find the experience hard to describe. Obviously working hands on with cheetahs, lions, leopards and other awesome animals is one of the most amazing things in the world, but its something deeper than that. Its the whole vibe, or rather the atmosphere, of being in the bush, surrounded by mother nature at her best. The other strange thing about the trip was that it was my first time to Africa, yet it felt like I was a guest who was returning after a long time away. I'm not one who has de ja vu very often, yet I experienced it several times while I was there. I felt like I was at home in a place I'd never been before.



Myself and an African Wildcat. Excuse the face, promise I was happy lol! Photo by Dan

  I can go on and on about my experience but the truth is you really don't know unless you experience it for yourself. If you've ever thought of going to Africa, all I can say is DO IT! Whether its to go on safari or volunteer, you'll experience something truly once in a life time. You'll experience nature in all its glory and like no where else on the planet.



My boyfriend Dan being guarded by a leopard.

  In this post I'd also like to mention the animals who've passed away since we left a year ago. Nikita the cheetah, Elsa the lioness, Letago the caracal, Blomiki the springbok and Blertsi the sheep. Also need to give a special mention to the little cat who stole our hearts and slept on our bed every night - we still miss you Spot!



Myself and a baboon (she later stole my water bottle when I wasn't looking lol). Photo by Linda


Hopefully, some day not too far away, I'll get to experience Africa again.