Global March for Lions

As you know, last year we started supporting big cats in Africa as well as domestic cats, and I'm very excited to announce we have teamed up with the International Campaign Against Canned Hunting for their upcoming Global March for Lions. The Global March for Lions is a worldwide event, or a march, that will take place on the 15th March to raise money, and better yet, awareness about the deplorable trade that is canned hunting.  



Canned hunting literally means to kill animals that have been raised amongst humans on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections. Canned hunting in Africa can include endangered and vulnerable species such as the magestic lion. Thousands of young lions are crammed into cages as we speak, waiting for their manes to grow big enough so they will make a suitable trophy, where they will then be let out of their tiny cages (into a larger cage) and he "hunted". I use quotation marks because really, you're shooting a lion in an enclosure, not using any hunting techniques at all. Mother lions will often be released from their small cages with their cubs still inside, calling for her, so she doesn't leave them and she is shot right there in front of them. Disgusting right?!




There was outrage across Facebook late last year when we saw the photo of pro hunter Melissa Bachman posing with her trophy, a beautiful male lion who was in his prime. So remember that outrage you felt at seeing that because this is your chance to stand up against it. The Global March for Lions is happening ALL over the world, so it is very likey that there is a march in your city. In Australia there will be one in Sydney which I'll of course be at, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Click here to see if your city is holding a march, and if not, keep checking because more and more cities are still coming on board.




This is a cause VERY close to my heart, so I'm really happy to be coming on board to help the Australian marches, you can now buy tees for ladies, men and kids in our Australian shop to wear to the march, with all funds going to the  International Campaign Against Canned Hunting. Even if you're not going to march you can still of course buy one, but they'll only be available until the end of March at this stage.


I can't urge, or rather beg you enough to get involved in this movement - the more people present at the march, the more of an impact we'll make, and maybe, just maybe, the government of South Africa will listen to our pleas. PLEASE SHARE.